Position: Full-time Cook (Japanese Cuisine); NOC 6322

Job location: Restaurant in Small Town (with the population around 40,000)

Job duties and requirements:

  1. CLB band score 4 (IELTS 4.5 in Listening, 3.5 in Reading,4.0 in Writing and Speaking) or more, no additional requirements for education
  2. Have more than one year working experiences as Japanese chef in most recent 10 years.
  3. Be able to control the quality of dishes strictly, and to ensure the consistency of the taste of each dish
  4. Be able to adapt the Asian cuisine to the local consumers’ taste, as well as launch new products.
  5. Be able to work closely and cooperate with other kitchen staff, as well as clean the kitchen and work area.

Job salary and benefits:

  1. Once employed, the employer can sponsor the immigration of the employee’s family.
  2. Hourly salary is in accordance with local average level (CAD$ 15 per hour).
  3. Covered by basic Canadian health plan, as well as having 10 days/year of vacation with pay after a full year of work.

If requirements are met, please send your resume to anchorservices.ca@gmail.com to apply.

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