Position: Banquet Manager (Full-time)

Job location: Restaurant in Town

Job duties and requirements:

  1. IELTS 5 or over, with at least one year manager experience in hotel and restaurant
  2. Scheduling staff and taking attendance, monitor employee service quality
  3. Master the facilities and activities in the restaurant, supervise and manage the daily operation of the restaurant
  4. Regularly check the cleanliness and hygiene in the restaurant to ensure the food safety of the guests
  5. Maintain good relationship with guests, assist in business promotion and improve service quality according to guests’ opinions and requirements
  6. Check daily operating income to ensure supply of goods and proper operation of the restaurant.

Job Salary and Benefits:

  1. Employer sponsored immigration opportunity upon approval and acquire permanent resident legal status in Canada.
  2. Hourly salary is in accordance with local average income level, tips will be added as monthly bonus
  3. Free meals at work, covered by Canada health care and other benefits
  4. Harmonious relationship between team members, nice working environment

If requirements are met, please send your resume to anchorservices.ca@gmail.com to apply.

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